Educational program “Memory of The Earth”

small amber

We are happy to invite you to participate in our educational program about the formation of amber and other fossils. In this event we will take a look at the prehistoric period 60 million years ago when dinosaurs disappeared and discuss the formation of amber 40-50 million years ago until these days. We will explore incredible features of the Baltic amber. In this educational program you will have an opportunity to create unique friendship bracelet made of amber for yourself or your best friend!

This educational program is suitable for all age groups because it can be easily adapted to the person’s needs. With adult participants we will drink delicious amber tea and talk about benefits of amber for your health. With children we will concentrate on experiments and stories about dinosaurs.

No matter what age you are, you can participate in all educational programs. We are waiting you in our creative workshop which is situated in Raudondvaris manor:

St. Pilies takas 1, Raudondvaris, Kauno rajonas.

Duration of the education: 1 h.

Number of participants: 5 to 65 persons.

It is possible that the educational program will be presented in other languages.

edukacinės programosedukacinės programos

 Amber heals and youthens

The amber was mentioned for the first time in the 10th century BC in the Assyrian cuneiforms. It is also mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. The ancient Roman writer and scientist Pliny the Elder (23-79 BC) stressed in his work Natural History that amber is not just adornment, but it is also the cure. According to Pliny the Elder, it is very useful for people ill with throat diseases to perk with the amber collars, while the pulverized amber powder mixed with the attar of roses and honey improves the vision.

The white amber (so called osseous amber) was kept in the Medevial Germany as having the most of healing properties. The chronicles of those times say that in 1525 the master of the Teutonic Order gave the spoon of such amber as the present to the famous Church reformer Martin Luther, who had gallstone.

2000 years ago the “amber road” was formed through Europe and it was used for the travels of amber to Greece and Italy. In ancient Rome one slave could be bought for a piece of amber.

bubbles in amber

Not just a cure

It was believed that amber worn on the neck protects from the throat diseases and allows preserving the sound mind. The famous doctor of those times, who lived in ancient Rome, Kalistrate wrote that the amber powder mixed with honey cures the throat, eye and ear diseases, and if it is taken with water, the stomachache eases. The Roman women were wearing amber collars themselves and perked their children with them – to protect from the evil eye. In order to preserve the youthful appearance longer the women simply used to carry the amber pieces with them.

When the Christianity was established, the amber (together with ladan, myrrh and other fragrant substances) was used in the Orthodox and some Catholic churches for the frankincense. The fragrance of the fuming amber that helps to concentrate used to purify the air not just in the churches. It was used to fumigate the rooms, where the ill persons were. When the air was disinfected in such way, the possibility of contamination was reduced and the ill used to get cured faster. In the Medieval Ages the people ill with jaundice used to wear amber collars, so that the “yellowness of amber extracted the sick yellowness from the body”. The amber bracelets used to reduce the pain in joints and muscles. And only if such curing method did not work people addressed the chemist.

According to the pharmacists, the smaller the amber, the stronger its healing properties are because it is easier for the organism of the ill person to assimilate the healing substances. That was the reason why it was started to mill or grind the amber. The chemists used to put the amber powder into the salves and make the extractions. There has been found more than one description, how the mixture of honey, attar of roses and amber powder was prescribed for the patients ill with thyroidal diseases.

amber skull

Here is some advice that reached us from the ancient times:

  • The nannies have to wear amber collars in order to protect themselves and children from the communicable diseases.
  • In order to make the cutting of children’s teeth easier, they should chew amber collars; of course, carefully so that the baby did not swallow them and choke.
  • The amber frankincense soothes the pain in ears (the piece of amber is burnt and the smoke is directed into the ear).
  • The amber brews help from various diseases and strengthen the body.

In order to make such tincture, the pieces of amber are put into the bottle of dark glass, poured with vodka and left for several weeks in warmth. 

Miraculous properties

Recently the healing pyramids made from the pressed amber have become very popular. It is the miniature model of the Egyptian pyramid made by preserving the original geometrical proportions of Giza pyramids, following the so called “golden cut” rule. The healing pyramid should be made from the Baltic amber that is characterized by special healing properties. Such a pyramid harmonizes the organism perfectly. According to the experts of Oriental medicine, the amber improves the metabolism, strengthens the organism, normalizes the feeding of heart’s muscle, neutralizes the carcinogens causing the appearance of tumors, and even slows down the aging process of the organism’s cells.

The amber pyramid is also successfully used to cure the thyroidal diseases. The healing effect strengthens even more when the amber pyramid is applied, which energy affects especially favorably all the subtle (so called ethereal) human body and stimulates the chakras of navel, heart and throat (energetic centers of physical body). The amber soothes the negative effect of the “jumping” of atmospheric pressure and magnetic storms, affects positively the functions of the spleen, improves cardiac activity and soothes the toothache quickly. The amber stem reduces the risk for the smokers to get ill with the oncological diseases.

raw amber


The uncut natural amber is the most suitable for healing. But it is also possible to use the jewelry held at home. The size and color of the amber do not make any difference – the benefit is guaranteed. The most important thing is to believe in its power.

The amber jewelry (they have to touch the body) provides energy, will and determination.

The amber does not emit “healing rays”. It absorbs the negative energy and in such a way helps the organism to dispose of the disease.

The treatment by amber will not substitute the medication prescribed by the doctors and will not cure any serious diseases, but it will help effectively to defeat the small malaises.

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