Baltic Amber Pet Necklace With Adjustable Leather Strap


Amber Pet necklace are great natural alternative to protect pets against fleas and ticks. It is 100% handmade from raw Baltic amber.

Length: 39 cm

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Anti tick and flea amber pet necklace with adjustable leather strap.

Baltic Amber pet necklace made of raw free shape pieces. The straps are genuine leather. Baltic amber is well known for its treatment features. This collar may be used as a natural subsidiary prevent mean for ticks and fleas.  Amber necklace contains natural essential oils which causes a raw material smell. Ticks can feel it and start to feel uncomfortable. What is more, amber collar has an electrical resistance. When the pet is moving, amber necklace is rubbing to the fur, thus electric field forms and helps to avoid ticks.

Amber with antiparasitic properties is also very beneficial to animal health. Amber treats gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory diseases, colds.

Amber is an antiallergic mineral, so pets or their people, even if they are allergic, will not have any allergic reactions or other side effects.

* Amber – hardened wood resin. It is estimated that Baltic amber is about 40 million. years old and its color depends on the impurities that entered the resin many years ago. For this reason, all amber beads are unique and may differ minimally from the sample product in the photo.

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Weight 11.8 g
Dimensions 39 cm


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